Theresa Augustin

Software Solutions Liaison | Project Manager

About Me:

As a software micropreneur, I assist companies in order to scale. I function as a technology and client liaison with the ability to manage and implement software projects. My competencies include: client management, risk management, agile project management, quality assurance, data management and marketing strategy. Developing strategic marketing plans, I implement marketing mixes, manage data and projects, as well as create content and administer software. From my role as a business owner, I have the focus to work diligently in an autonomous manner with the drive for client success. For large companies, I function as a systems consultant in business discussions and big picture collaborator with technical teams. Businesses, large and small, can trust me to get the job done, learn necessary skills, and serve the decision makers as a leader. I am most interested in collaborating with teams who practice continuous improvement to achieve a common goal and ensure a company's success.

Client Experience:

Strategic Software Consultant

  • TALTA LLC (owner)
  • Founded: 2014
  • Description: Manage software projects including the creation and administration of software for growth scaling clients, with a specialty in strategic branding, e-marketing, website development, content, social media and data management.
    • Enabled NASA stakeholders to accomplish sold-out Biomimicry conference through web development, web hosting, and ConstantContact electronic ticket sales
    • Led World Usability Day marketing, ConstantContact, content creation, Drupal web management and user auth troubleshooting for 10th year anniversary for ~25 annual, international events for 2015, 2016, 2017
    • Grew Hartville Potato Chips brand from pre-launch to 1000+ likes and followers through e-commerce website dev and hosting using AWS, GoDaddy, PayPal, social media and brand analysis
  • Technologies: Drupal, WordPress, PayPal, SquareSpace, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Amazon Web Services, Python, Bash
  • Currently looking for freelance and long-term clients. Working in an agency model with designers and developers; dba Pear Collective.

    Technical Client Solutions Manager

  • Client: AmTrust Innovation Labs
  • Time commitment: 08/2018-present
  • Description: As a Technical Client Solutions Manager, ‘strategized the possible’ for new and existing customers for consumer insurance mobile application, implementing white-labeled UX as a new revenue stream to industry-leading cybersecurity client.
    • Liaised between remote user experience team, 3rd party vendors and cybersecurity industry leader client
    • Increased customer satisfaction and deepened client relations through technical discussions
    • Supported sales and account management teams as a technical resource for client engagement
    • Carved out change agent teams in order to move towards an Agile/Scrum environment
    • Provided stability and scalability for intrapreneurship department by process mapping and templates
  • Technologies: Smartsheet, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Excel, Visio, InVision

  • Business Analyst

  • Client: Randstad, Dealer Tire
  • Time commitment: 03/2018 - 09/2018
  • Description: De facto project manager and scrum master servicing sales and marketing teams, including a multi hundred million dollar automation app, a core sales driver for a value-added tire wholesaler and distributor.
    • Increased salesforce functionality through development and administration for customer service team
    • Maintained strong relationship with largest external client group by integrating invoices with procurement system
    • Procured API Gateway, through analysis, presentation to executives, training and scope definition
    • Defined scope, analyzed and managed e-commerce solution to leverage strengths from acquisition
    • Identified opportunity for risk analysis and management, leading the systems analysis, qualitative and quantitative risk analysis, and implementing business monitoring solution
    • Increased transparency into multi-million dollar automated order replenishment system through visual documentation of system analysis, standardizing document repository and creation/ execution of QA plans
    • Implemented monitoring solution for Automatic Order Replenishment system with Oracle Business Intelligence
    • Instilled a sense of agile and scrum project management during the project intake process by creating new project documentation templates to reflect adaptive project management, including training for business and technical teams on the benefits of Scrum and Kanban project management frameworks
    • Increased efficiency of the annual accounting process for a customer loyalty marketing program through project plan, functional and lessons learned documentation, and analysis of an improved system scope
  • Technologies: SalesForce, Jira, Oracle JD Edwards, APIGee, Google Analytics, SQL Server Management Studio, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Visio

  • Business Systems Analyst

  • Client: AmTrust Financial Services Inc.
  • Time commitment: 08/2014 - 09/2017
  • Description: Highly regarded business analyst, acting as project manager and agile change agent, managing front-end, back-end, data, server, EDI, telephony and 14 mobile applications. Acted as the indirect manager for teams from 2-5 analysts and servicing 2-11 developers. Applications amassed $1 mil annual users, $1 bil payments processed and 400% intl growth.
    • Gained respect through hiring, performance reviews, training and management of 7 in-direct reports including the formulation of learning sessions for technical training and peer review of documentation
    • Directed company strategy in payment collection by managing the implementation and continuous improvement of a telephony payment collection system bringing in multi-million dollars annually
    • Advocated for success of security and privacy projects through coordinated system integration of PCI compliance and authentication protocols; QA management by exception using complex SQL analysis for a PCI server migration servicing 5 applications; and implemented privacy by design with user-centered process analysis for application with 1 million annual users
    • Presented project initiation and success to C-level stakeholders for technical debt projects
  • Technologies: Trello, Postman, SQL Server Management Studio, Microsoft PowerPoint, Visio, LucidChart, InVision

  • Project Manager/ Developer

  • Client: Adatasol
  • Time commitment: 10/2013 - 07/2014
  • Description: Custom Database Solution Consultant with focus in Project Management Software for manufacturing, laboratory, and transportation ERPs with key role in client and quality management using Apple’s FileMaker.
    • Provided first and front line of customer service through requirement collection and troubleshooting
    • Migrated data schemas, developed front-end, process improvement and automation development
  • Technologies: FileMaker 12, FileMaker 11, FileMaker 8

  • Software Projects:

    Hartville Potato Chips marketing:

    Description: Website and marketing implementation for small business.

    Technologies: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, JQuery, Google Maps API, Github, Amazon Web Services, SquareAPI, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

    Facebook initial implementation Twitter initial implementation Instagram initial implementation

    Strategic Integrated Marketing Plan

    Biocene 2018 Website:

    Description: Event marketing, reservation, and promotional website.

    Technologies: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, Github, AirTable, Amazon Web Services, EventBrite


    Medina Farm Marketing:

    Description: Marketing for Event Venue.

    Technologies: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, Github, Amazon Web Services, Facebook

    Facebook initial implementation

    Strategic Plan

    Hi-Fi Entertainment Marketing:

    Description: Marketing Plan for local entertainment vendor, including competitor analysis, creative and low-cost implementations, market opportunities, and pricing analysis.

    Technologies: Marketing Plan


    Strategic Plan

    1m5: Invivible Matrix Services Censorship Resistance:

    Description: Marketing strategy and implementation for decentralized privacy application.

    Technologies: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, Github, graphic design, competitor analysis


    Strategic Plan

    Pirate Travel Information:

    Description: Find treasures and locations for ye next adventure.

    Technologies: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, JQuery, Google Maps API, Geocoding API, Github

    Github Project
    Live Version

    Map Pin Board:

    Description: Store your travel dreams and memories in a virtual map pin board.

    Technologies: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, JQuery, Node.JS, Express, Mongo, Mongoose, Heroku

    GitHub Project
    Live App

    Quiz Engine:

    Description: Summer break from school is not an excuse to quit learning. Challenge your chops with fun quizzes and be inspired to love learning.

    Technologies: HTML, CSS, React, Redux, Node.JS, Express, Mongo, Mongoose, Heroku, Netlify

    GitHub Front-End Project
    GitHub Back-End Project
    Live Quiz App

    Other Technologies:

    Drupal, Wordpress, SQL, Bash, FileMaker, Python, Amazon Web Services, Salesforce, Oracle JDEdwards, Jira, Trello, Smartsheet

    Certificates & Formal Education:

    • Bachelor's of Science in Business Administration: E-Marketing/ Advertising; Minor: Spanish | University of Akron | 2012
    • Project Management Professional, Project Management Institute | 2019
    • Certified Customer Value Optimization Specialist, Digital Marketer | 2018
    • Certified Analytics and Data Specialist, Digital Marketer | 2018
    • Introduction to CyberSecurity Certificate, New York University, Coursera | 2018
    • Full Stack Web Development Certificate, Thinkful | 2017
    • Certified Associate of Project Management, PMI | 2016
    • Strategic Management Certificate, University of Copenhagen, Coursera | 2016


    • Environmental initiatives: Organic, local farming | fresh water quality | habitat preservation |
    • Technology: Payment Services and FinTech | Operational efficiencies from database architecture | Priority of User Experience | Privacy/ Decentralization advocate |
    • Volunteering: Ohio City Bicycle Co-op, President of the Board of Directors | Security and Technology Conferences | WWOOFing |
    • Healthy Lifestyle: 3rd year cyclist with Stelleri Performance Training Team | Thru-cylist | Vegetable advocate | Financial Intelligence | seeker |